We have worked closely with a number of individuals to bring their loved ones on temporary visas from around the world to the CANADA


Canada welcomes millions of visitors each year to vacation, visit family, work abroad, study, or for business. Unique Consulting Group offers services to assist you with any applications you may require and to ensure you don’t have to worry about anything other than enjoying your temporary visit in Canada.


If you wish to tour and witness the beauty of Canada or visit your family members in Canada, you need to apply for temporary residence in Canada before entering the country. Parents and grandparents can apply for Supervisa to come and reside with their children for 2 years at a stretch. If you have visited North America, you could be eligible for 10 year multiple entry visa.  Contact us to know if you require eTA (for residents of visa exempt country).

  •  Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)
  •    Super Visa for parents

Canada has one of the best education system in the world. You will need a study permit to study post graduate programs / higher studies to upgrade your career. There are many community colleges and universities in Canada accepting international students. You need to meet the criteria for study permit in Canada. If you are visiting Canada and wish to study here, contact us to know if you are eligible for applying for study permit in Canada.

Want to come and work in Canada? Contact us to know if you need Labour Market Impact Analysis(LMIA) based work permit or you are exempt from LMIA? Are you a religious worker / businessman who wishes to explore business in Canada / student who completed studies and need to apply for post graduate work permit / extend your stay as worker and apply for bridging open work permit ?

  •   LMIA exempt work permit
  •    LMIA based work permit

Visitor Visa

Study Permit

Work Permit

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